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Stadium News

Stover believes Belmont answer is coming

The club's CEO thinks that the years-long process is nearing an end, one way or the other

Cosmos revise Belmont stadium bid

The Cosmos will need to alter their Belmont bid

The never-ending saga of the Cosmos attempt to build a stadium took another turn on Monday

Local leaders rally to support Cosmos stadium bid

On Thursday night in Elmont, the New York Cosmos got some support for their stadium bid

Belmont bidding could be re-opened

The Cosmos have waited an eternity for resolution on the stadium bid, and could be forced to move on

Cosmos to host playoff match in Brooklyn

Cosmos ready to look at other stadium sites

The front office is growing tired of waiting on a decision, and could move on very soon

Brooklyn provides alternative in stadium search

The Cosmos might have to look more seriously at Coney Island if the Belmont proposal continues to stall

Latest stadium update isn't much of an update

No news isn't good news

Yonkers mayor wants pro soccer

Should Elmont fall through, the Cosmos could have a suitor in Yonkers

Bipartisan support for the Cosmos stadium proposal

While the club continues to wait for a decision, local politicians continue to speak in support of the proposal

Cosmos playing waiting game for stadium decision

The Cosmos are still confident that they have the best proposal for a Belmont development, but there is still no new news on the team's potentially new home.

Cosmos stadium decision expected soon

Hopefully it a favorable decision for the Cosmos, and we can begin work on our new home shortly