10 Incredibly Awkward Exercises That Build Tons of Muscle

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You should never feel humiliated in the gym. You should work out in an environment that makes you feel comfortable and motivated. That being said, there are just some exercises you won’t be caught dead doing in the midst of a crowded weight room. If you slink into the gym at 4 a.m. to power through glute bridges, or skip the gym altogether so only your cat can bare witness to your downward dog, it’s time to swallow your pride and embrace the embarrassment.

Here I have compiled 10 exercises awkward enough to make some men avoid them, then created an entire total-body workout routine. Each exercise has a strategically-matched superset exercise to maximize your results. Whether you want to incorporate a few of these moves into your weekly workouts, or perform them back-to-back is up to you. Regardless, you’ll improve muscle imbalances and weaknesses, grow stronger, and become more flexible. Your ego may be bruised at first, but you’ll quickly find your embarrassment weaning, and your confidence becoming bulletproof.

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