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Cosmos look for revenge against Brooklyn Italians

Moving Forward

The New York Cosmos will play the Brooklyn Italians for the second time this season tomorrow.

The Cosmos will be looking for revenge after Brooklyn defeated 3-2 them in the US Open Cup qualifying match last week. Brooklyn themselves was ousted from the competition with a 2-0 defeat to Lansdowne Bhoys.

New York has been prepping for the rematch by training and adding Ivan Berterame and Recce Dalton to their NPSL Roster. New York has not only been working hard on the training ground, but have also been working on team chemistry off the pitch by having a team barbeque last weekend.

Going into this matchup, I think the most important thing will be this group getting used to each other, especially in their own third. There have been moments where Macklin Robinson has been too quick to come off his own line, but I think that more has to do with the player’s getting used to each other than anything else. In the previous match against the Italians, New York looked the better side until they conceded the first goal. If they can keep their composure in this match, I think they can walk away with the win.

Kickoff for the match takes place at 8pm at Hofstra Soccer Stadium. Stay tuned to Twitter for streaming information.