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Rocco Commisso produces half-billion dollar plan

Money Talks.

After the Cosmos win this weekend, Sports Illustrated has put out a report on Rocco Commisso’s plan save the Cosmos and reform US Soccer. Long story short, Commisso has developed a $500 million plan to reform into US Soccer, half of which coming from his own pocket, to make a stable D2 league with facilities able to seat 10,000 fans featuring the remaining NASL clubs and select NPSL clubs. The endgame of this league would be to implement promotion and relegation as soon as possible.

Rocco Commisso also talked to the Guardian and made an appearance on Sirius XM to further explain his ideas.

Commisso may be a controversial figure in US Soccer, but money talks. With the sheer amount of revenue being brought to the table Carlos Cordeiro has to at least consider his ideas.