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Cosmos supporters frustrated as Danny Szetela joins FC Motown

Fans felt New York could have done more to keep him

Yesterday it was reported by NBC Sports that Danny Szetela has joined NPSL side FC Motown. Szetela, joins the new NPSL side after playing with the Cosmos since the reboot in 2013.

Szetela’s club situation has been one Cosmos fans felt the most passionately as he has been open about the difficulty of finding a new club that could match his wages with New York. Recently married and looking to start a family, he even considered retirement due to concerns on living on a lower division wage in an interview with Front Row Soccer.

The general consensus among Cosmos fans is frustration with the move, especially since Szetela is joining a club in the same league as Cosmos B. Many feel that the Cosmos could have done more to keep a player who has featured over 100 times for New York. We wish Szetela the best as the new season begins. Maybe he could do what he did with the Deltas and come back again?