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Cosmos B to play in NPSL, No plan yet for first team return

Club will explore league options, hopefully return in 2019


Last week, after the fallout of the NASL canceling its season, The New York Cosmos, held a conference call led by owner Rocco Commisso. Parts of the hour and a half-long call were recorded, check it out here if you haven’t listened already, it's definitely worth your time. This article from socceramerica has some key quotes highlighted as well if you’re interested in picking Rocco’s mind on the current state of US soccer.

In terms of on the field news, the biggest is that Cosmos B will be returning this year, playing in the NPSL. At the moment, nothing is known in terms of players and coaching, but they will be there. Cosmos B will play at Mitchel Field and Columbia University.

In terms of the main squad, it appears unlikely New York Cosmos will field a first team in 2018. In the conference call, Rocco reiterated that he has no plans outside of the next three months for the Cosmos’ return and he will be exploring all league options.

The Cosmos are in a tricky league situation at the moment. There isn’t a clear answer as to where the club should go next. In the meantime, at least we have some Cosmos B action to look forward to. Where do you think the Cosmos should go next?