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In Another Multiverse: Galaxy’s Zlatan could have been a Cosmo

If the stadium got made Ibra could be in green

Cosmos CEO Erik Stover revealed on Twitter that if the Cosmos would have pursued LA Galaxy bound, Zlatan Ibrahimovic if things had gone as planned.

Stover’s tweets personally got me really sad, because I’ve been imagining for years a world where I could walk down the street from my Floral Park home, to Belmont Park, to watch the Cosmos play. That would have been even cooler if the one and only Zlatan was wearing the iconic Cosmos green.

Of course, even if the Cosmos were able to build a stadium, who knows if they would actually have been able to recruit Zlatan; but boy is it fun to dream. While imagining what could have been, check out one of my favorite Nike Ads featuring the polarizing forward below.