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NASL Season Canceled, Cosmos to NPSL

RIP to the NASL

In an official press statement, it was announced that the NASL will not be playing in 2018.

Although the announcement is not surprising after the league was not able to receive a preliminary injunction, it’s nonetheless very sad. It’s a shame that so many players, coaches, and staff that helped put together the league the Cosmos called home for years will now be unemployed.

According to the press release, the Cosmos along with Miami FC, and the Jacksonville Armada will be playing in the NPSL. The Cosmos have yet to release a statement following the NASL’s announcement.

The silver lining here is at the moment we know that some iteration of the Cosmos, most likely Cosmos B, will be playing in 2018. This offseason has definitely not gone as planned, but at least we have the NPSL season to look forward to. Perhaps the end of the NASL can be a fresh start for the New York Originals. Either way, the NASL will be missed.