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Carlos Cordeiro elected USSF President

It’s not like we really had a say in it


In yesterday’s USSF Election, Carlos Cordeiro was elected as the new president of the United States Soccer Federation.

The result of the USSF Elections are without a doubt disappointing from the perspective of fans. If you don’t believe me, just look at the replies on US Soccer’s Twitter. Many fans would have preferred a change candidate such as Kyle Martino or Eric Wynalda rather than Cordeiro, especially considering his background as a Goldman Sachs partner and Sunil Gulati’s Vice President.

Cordeiro was a candidate that for the most part flew under the radar throughout the election cycle. Unlike Kathy Carter, Eric Wynalda, Kyle Martino, and Hope Solo, Cordeiro’s name was not seen much in the press.

It’s hard not to be disappointed about this news, especially as it demonstrates the disconnect between fans and those in charge of US Soccer. From the perspective of a Cosmos fan, this isn’t the news we would like to hear. A more NASL friendly change candidate rather than someone so close to the current federation would have been preferred by many. Although massive change doesn’t seem likely, we can still hope that things get better, I guess.