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NASL endources Wynalda for USSF President

League shows support for the most pro/rel friendly candiate

Yesterday, in an official statement, the NASL announced its support for USSF canidate Eric Wynalda. NASL intern commissioner Rishi Sehgal said the following about Wynalda:

This announcement was for the most part expected, as NASL owners Rocco Commisso and Ricardo Silva have shown support for Wynalda in the past. Wynalda revealed to Sports Illustrated that Silva is in part financially backing his campaign, but Rocco Commisso is not.

Eric Wynalda is in favor of promotion and relegation in the United States, and changing the US soccer schedule to match that of Europe’s, something the NASL is planning to do in 2018.

The USSF election takes place on February 10, 2018.