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Analyzing David Kilpatrick’s brilliant open letter to the USSF

Add Kilpatrick to the “USSF, please reconsider your awful decision” club.

The one, two, three and four punch

In case some have missed it, the USSF’s decision that seems as if it took place years ago came to the conclusion to strip the NASL’s status as a Division II league. The result has put an array of current NASL clubs in trouble, and it still continues to haunt the New York Cosmos’ franchise.

A variety of public figures have come together to go against the final decision made by the USSF. The Cosmos’ Club Historian David Kilpatrick joined the fray when writing an open letter to the USA Soccer Federation, and it was filled with amazing claims to say the least.

Kilpatrick was born in 1968, coincidentally right as the original NASL was formed. The historian has had plenty of time to gather notes on New York’s long history that includes the Pele time period and much more.

To say that Kilpatrick was likely upset with the recent decision is a bit of an understatement. The Cosmos staff member made a very solid opening claim when saying this, which was noted by the Cosmos’ website:

Kilpatrick really nailed it with these two quotes. It’s hard to believe that a club with such history is now going to be considered into a lower status rather than a much higher playing competition.

Imagine the New York Yankees being relegated into the second-tier of baseball, or being forced to not play for a season or more. It’s an almost ludicrous thought, but one that perfectly explains what the Cosmos are basically being forced into with their new scenario.

Growth of the game in North America will be a huge problem now that around 10+ teams will be forced to play in a different level (most likely the USL). Fans love the idea of supporting their local football club. It’s something that most fans in all of sports tend to follow; support the team that’s closest to you.

But, the USSF failed to acknowledge that in their recent decision. Other teams have taken the choice to move to another league, but those other teams that currently remain in the depleted NASL are in some trouble.

Kilpatrick shows this recent failure by the USSF as one of the supposedly “main goals” of the federation was to try and make football a respected sport in the United States. The open letter notes that:

It’s another incredible point to make. Think of all the football greats that have played for the Cosmos. Pele, Carlos Alberto, Franz Beckenbauer and Bob Smith are just a few of the legends that have worn the Originals kit. Does a team with that much status deserve to be thrown into a pit of doubt and uncertainty about the future?

Regina Leader-Post

And if we’re talking about the growth of the game today, how is taking a club with so much tradition and importance in not just the USA, but in the world going to help the next wonderkid start off his playing career? Where are young talents such as Eric Calvillo going to end up next? Do we really want to delay a fantastic start to a player with loads of potential?

I wouldn’t, and I’d really hope that the USSF wouldn’t want to do that either. They seem to not really care at the moment as no real progress has been made on reconsidering the decision.

It was a great and really well-written statement from Kilpatrick. In case you want to read the full piece, the link is right here, or you can head to the New York Cosmos’ website. Definitely worth the time it’d take to read while gaining more of a stance from the Cosmos’ view.


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