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What the Hell is Going on with the NASL

What you need to know about the league’s antitrust suit

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If you’ve followed the Cosmos in any capacity over the last few week, you know that there’s been more being said about what’s happening off the field than on it. Overall, things are not looking good for the NASL, who are trying to retain DII status in the USSF pyramid. If you remember from the offseason, the 8 team NASL held D2 status by the skin of its teeth, sharing the position with the neighboring USL. Now it appears that the league will not be able retain D2 status going forward, thus leading to the NASL’s lawsuit against the USSF. Essentially, in layman’s terms, they are claiming that USSF and MLS are trying to bully the NASL out of existence.

The league’s fate will probably be up to the decision of the case, which will see a hearing at the end of October.

The hearing has big implications on the future of the New York Cosmos. For the second offseason in a row, we could face the possibility of the Cosmos being taken out of existence. From the beginning Rocco Commisso has been honest that his interest in the Cosmos hinges on their D2 status, so if the NASL folds, there could be a chance the team is not only without a league, but again without an owner. All we can do is hope for the best, so that the Cosmos live to see another year.

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