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Cosmos Look to get Lucky Against North Carolina FC

The recent spell of draws and losses hopefully ends here

New York Cosmos (5th in NASL, 1-2-1, 5 points)


North Carolina FC (4th in NASL, 1-3-1, 6 points)

In almost any soccer league in the world, it only takes a matter of time for teams to start breaking away in the standings. The Cosmos might learn that the hard way if they can’t find a way back into the win column soon.

New York’s form has been dipping as of late. Two draws in their past two matches and a loss to the San Francisco Deltas hasn’t been helping the Cosmos scenario in the standings.

There are a few players that stand out despite the Cosmos lacking ability to find a win. A few that obviously come to mind are both Emmanuel Ledesma and Eric Calvillo. The defense seems to be getting torn apart in almost every match. Dejan Jaković seemed to break through the backline’s season-long trend, as he earned a spot on the NASL Team of the Week. Hopefully Dejan can get the rest of the defense all on the same page.

Things have been fairly similar for North Carolina. They sit only a point above The Originals on the standings as a result of having played one more fixture. One player that stood out in NCFC’s recent draw against San Francisco was goalkeeper Brian Sylvestre. He was put to the test in several one-on-one scenarios, but stood tall to make six crucial saves. Watch these highlights of his recent performance:

Will the Cosmos be able to grab a crucial three points away against NCFC? You can find out this Saturday, August 26th, at 7:30 pm ET. Catch the game on the MSG Networks or on ESPN3.