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Recap: Cosmos Draw to FC Edmonton

Sloppy play gives New York just one point


Starters: Jimmy Maurer started in goal. The defense featured Ayoze, Darrius Barnes, Dejan Jaković and Ryan Richter. Emmanuel Ledesma returned after serving his one-match ban for the red card he received against Miami FC. Ledesma played alongside Juan Guerra, Javi Márquez, and the man of form, Eric Calvillo. Pablo Vranjicán served as the main attacker for this match.

Notable Minutes:

12’- Giveaway by Edmonton defender Allan Zebie gives Márquez a chance, but it deflects wide.

13’- A long ball is played towards Eddies forward Dustin Corea. Maurer came way out of his cage to try and play it. Corea eventually was able to possess the ball while tussling with Maurer, but he sent his shot wide of the yawning net. Good recovery by Maurer to keep forcing Corea wider.

22’- Jaković and FCE forward Tomi Ameobi scramble for a loose ball that was played towards Maurer. Ameobi positions himself around Jaković to get a foot on it, but sends another quality chance for Edmonton wide. Not the best game from the backline.

35’- The defense of the Cosmos pushed too far forward which enabled Ameobi to be sent in again. This time, his shot hit the bar and went out.

39’- Ledesma put a strong shot on FCE keeper Tyson Farago, who is forced to parry it. The rebound was sent over the net.

44’- Edmonton midfielder Ben Fisk sent in a cross which Ameobi connects with. The ball worked its way across the goal line until being smashed home by Daryl Fordyce. Edmonton takes the lead 1-0.

62’- Eric Calvillo was subbed off about five minutes prior to this one. Eugene Starikov was brought on and as usual, he was making some good plays. Starikov decided to take a shot from outside the box that had to be saved by a diving Tyson Farago.

66’- Ledesma takes his chance with shooting outside the box and he absolutely buries it. He boomed his shot into the bottom left at a crucial time for the Cosmos. What a player. Take a look:

81, 83, and 87’- Each minute represents yellow cards that were picked up by Ayoze, Guerra, and Kobi Moyal, respectively. Definitely weren’t disciplined towards the end of the match.

Final: 1-1

My Thoughts:

  • Lets start with the bad, shall we? The defense didn’t necessarily play up to standards tonight. To me, the back four has its on and off nights. Jaković and Barnes both had a rough night as the Edmonton forwards were putting consistent pressure on them. Honestly, I don’t think it would hurt to look for another centre-back. Particularly, I think it would be nice to get a rotation going between Barnes, David Ochieng, and whoever the new defender may be.
  • The starting line-up has to be changed soon, especially with new players coming in. Starikov definitely deserves a starting role in my opinion. Time will tell as to when both Juan Arango and Lucky Mkosana find regular minutes.
  • How about Emmanuel Ledesma? What more can you say? At this point in the season, he surely has to be an MVP candidate. He is always trying to make something happen and he saved the Cosmos a point tonight. New York should feel very fortunate to have #18 on the squad.
  • It is one point in the standings. Not too bad, not too good. We should expect more out of the team though.

Next Match: The Cosmos return to MCU Park on the 19th of August to take on the Indy Eleven.