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Recap: Controversial Goal Gives Cosmos the Win

New York gets three points in the final match of the Spring Season

Starters: Jimmy Maurer got the nod in net for this one. He was the player to watch for in my match preview. The defence featured the four of Darrius Barnes, Ochieng, Ryan Richter, and Mulligan. Ledesma has been in fine form as of late. He played alongside Juan Guerra, Szetela, and Javi Márquez. Pablo Vranjicán and Eric Calvillo played up top for this one.

Notable Minutes:

12’- Eric Calvillo took a shot from a distance out. It turned out to be a good chance as it skimmed just past the post.

16’ and 21’- Ledesma sends in two separate crosses that both create opportunities for the Cosmos. First to Vranjicán, but the cross went past him which created a corner opportunity. Ledesma then tried to pick out Ryan Richter who got a touch to the cross, but sent the header way over the bar.

36’- A free kick off of a Guerra foul for FCE gets saved beautifully by Jimmy Maurer. Just watch.

40’- Ochieng attempts to play it back towards Jimmy Maurer, but his attempt sent in dangerous attacker Tomi Ameobi who chipped it past Maurer, and luckily past the frame of the goal as well.

50’- The second half tried to pick up the pace that the first half lacked. Eric Calvillo dribbled his way past some Edmonton players and put a quick shot on Tyson Farago who turned it away. Solid game for Calvillo.

70’- Throughout most of the second half, it looked like the Eddies were trying to build momentum on the counter attack. Ben Fisk started the break against the Cosmos when he switched the play over to Sainey Nyassi. Nyassi took a good strike from distance that just missed the post.

79’- The game is made in this minute. Szetela squared it to the front of the net where Eric Calvillo and Juan Guerra were set up. Once it hit the feet of Calvillo, it surely had to find the back of the net. Originally, I thought FCE keeper Tyson Farago punched it into the net. But after some more looks, it had definitely hit Calvillo and it might have hit Guerra as well. The Eddies claimed for offsides, but the referee said it counted. The goal was given to Calvillo, and the Cosmos took the 1-0 lead.

Final: 1-0 Cosmos

My Thoughts:

  • I must admit that this game was very hard to watch at times. Both Eric Calvillo and Ledesma had a stellar match. They made dull moments into good chances. Calvillo earns his second goal for the club, Ledesma continues his good form.
  • Clean sheet for Maurer. He was tested a lot on the counter attack in this one. Props to him for making some crucial saves, especially that stunning tip.
  • It’s a game you can put in the win column. I’m proud of the team for grinding it out especially in the game’s most crucial moments.


Other Games:

  • Indy Eleven 2-0 Jacksonville Armada
  • North Carolina FC 2-1 Puerto Rico FC
  • San Francisco Deltas 1-3 Miami FC

The Cosmos will host Miami FC at MCU Park on the 29th of July to get the Fall Season underway.