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As Luck Would Have it

Lucky Mkosana returns to the Cosmos

The Cosmos announced earlier today that midfielder Lucky Mkosana would be returning to the club. He is coming back from IFK Mariehamn, the Finnish League Champions who are currently in contention for a Champions League spot.

Mkosana is a player Cosmos fans know very well: a fan favorite attacker who can play up top or on the wing. Lucky scored the equalizer in the Cosmos’ iconic comeback against NYCFC two years ago and played a part in New York’s back to back NASL Championships. Off the pitch, He and teammate Andres Flores recently graduated from Real Madrid UE’s MBA program. Yesterday, the Cosmos teased the announcement of his return with a cheeky roll of the dice.

Personally, I think it speaks volumes about how special the Cosmos community is that Mkosana would turn down a potential chance to play Champions League football to return. Lucky will likely feel right at home in a Cosmos offense looking for some extra firepower. His return helps to fill the Cosmos’ need for a natural striker and his familiarity with the squad and Savarese will hopefully help him hit the ground running. Just like the Cosmos’ hashtag says: we’re lucky to have him back. Welcome home!