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Recap: Cosmos Draw Against Saudi Pro League Champions

Friendly ends at 0-0


Starters: Brian Holt was in net for this game. The back four of Richter, Ochieng, Jaković, and Ayoze started. Pablo Vranjicán started at striker for the Cosmos as a trialist. He was backed by a midfield of Guerra, AlHassan, Menjivar, Flores, and Ledesma.

Notable Minutes:

8’- Richter sends in a low cross that gets directed to the top of the net by Flores.

23’- The back four of the Cosmos pushed beyond the 18-yard box. As a result, a lob pass sent in Al Ruwaili who hammered a shot only to be tipped wide by Holt.

30’ and 43’- The weather played a factor in this one as temperatures peaked past 90 degrees. About 12 minutes after the 30’ water break, a sandstorm broke out creating visibility problems.

Between 60’ and 70’- The Cosmos line of defence pushed higher again this time sending in Faisal Darwish. He might not have realized how open he was, as he sent the shot over the net.

73’- Al-Dossari comes down the right side of the pitch and takes a quick shot that was saved by Holt and cleared away by Jaković. Hold played well in this one.

Towards Stoppage Time- Barone sends in a nice cross to Irvin Herrera who gets some gel on it, only to be tipped wide by Al-Hilal goalie Al-Wakid.

Final: 0-0

My Thoughts

-First off, this game was hard to find and watch if you didn’t have beIN sports. If it were up to me, I would’ve made sure everyone could have watched what was a historic friendly.

-Crazy weather. 90 degrees plus a sandstorm is a little out of the ordinary for the average U.S. soccer fan. The fans in Riyadh didn’t seem to mind it though.

-Brian Holt played a great game today. He made big saves especially when the defense seemed to be exposed the most. Ryan Richter also created some nice chances in the first half.


The Cosmos return to NASL play as they host the San Francisco Deltas at MCU Park. The game will take on May 27th at 7:00 pm.