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Gio Savarese parts ways with the New York Cosmos, will join Portland Timbers

After his successful tenure with the Cosmos, Savarese moves on to another green pasture.


In what unfortunately seemed inevitable, someone in MLS noticed how great of a coach Gio Savarese is. The team announced today that they will part ways with the coach who according to early reports will be joining the Portland Timbers.

Savarese released the following statement:

Gio was the Cosmos first coach of the modern era, and led the team to 3 Soccer Bowl Championships and in his five years with the club. He also incredibly helped to rebuild the squad in time for the 2017 season after all players were released from their contracts. Savarese will be severely missed by both players and fans alike, who were very vocal about his departure on Twitter.

It is unclear at the moment who will replace Savarese as Cosmos coach at the moment. It seems that Marc Dos Santos is still available, and NASL fans know that he is a great visionary coach. Last year while mulling over if Savarese would stay I suggested the Cosmos consider former coach Alecko Eskandarian to be his heir and I would still love to see that. Who would you like to see take over?

Timbers fans should know that they are in good hands and are receiving one of the best coaches in North America at the moment. Thanks for everything Gio, you will be missed.