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Two NASL Clubs Fall

The San Francisco Deltas fold and FC Edmonton withdraws from the NASL

In a rough day for the NASL, the club saw two of its clubs leaving the league.

The San Francisco Deltas announced that they are officially closing down after their Championship 2017 season. The announcement was made by owner Brian Andres Helmick on the club’s official medium page. Helmeck also discussed the club’s demise in an interview with SFGate.

FC Edmonton have also announced that they will be withdrawing from the NASL and ceasing soccer operations immediately. The club announced in an official statement that due to an “unsustainable” market as well as the uncertainty of the NASL itself, they will not be able to continue. Tom Fath has been hesitant to link the club with the new Canadian Premier League due to to unsustainable market of Edmonton

NASL Interim Commissioner Rishi Sehgal has released the following statement on the two clubs:

It’s a shame that the Delta’s on field success couldn’t ultimately save it from folding. The NASL will be losing one of it’s best franchises in the FC Edmonton as well. My heart goes out to all the fans of the Deltas and Eddies, as well as their players and staff.