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Report: San Francisco Deltas to fold

Mercury News states Deltas will fold days after winning the NASL Championship


According to a report from The Mercury News, The San Francisco Deltas will indeed fold after winning the 2017 NASL Championship.

On Sunday, the Deltas defeated the Cosmos 2-0 in the NASL Championship game in front of a sold-out crowd at Kezar Stadium. The team overcame their struggles on the field and were able to turn around after initially struggling early in the season. However, they could not overcome their off the field financial issues.

Earlier in the season Deltas CEO Brian Andres Helmeck addressed fans pleading them to bring friends to matches. The Deltas seem to be another victim of the lack of promotion/relegation in the United States. The prospect of promotion would have surely brought more fans and their championship win should have brought more financial rewards as well.

Neither the San Francisco Deltas nor the NASL have yet to confirm the report. Hopefully the club can somehow survive, but things aren’t looking good for the NASL Champions.

Deltas head coach Marc Dos Santos has confirmed that he will be leaving the club, but has not confirmed his new team. Despite their place on the period, any club would be lucky to have Dos Santos, a man who won two NASL coach of the year awards (2015 and 2017) and lead the Swope Park Rangers to a USL final in 2016.

The Deltas situation brings more questions about the state of the NASL. It seems as though North Carolina FC will be leaving for the USL, will more clubs do the same? Will other fledgling NASL clubs like Puerto Rico FC fold as well in the coming weeks? What about the brand new 1904 FC?

Buckle up folks, it’s time for another crazy offseason where we’ll be wondering if our league and team survive.