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Should the Cosmos pursue Giuseppe Gentile?

Puerto Rico FC released Gentile early last week

The Cosmos did not score a goal aside from penalty kicks in the NASL Playoffs. On the other hand, New York were very good about finding the back of the net in the regular season. A new forward has now hit the market to give the Cosmos a potential boost.

According to the Puerto Rico FC press release, several players from this past season have been released from the roster. One of those players includes 25-year-old attacker Giuseppe Gentile.

The news comes as a shock to me, considering that Puerto Rico are so willing to clear the house that fast. It seemed at certain points in the season that they were doing well in the standings, in fact, almost near the top.

Gentile was apart of that success, but PRFC must have felt otherwise. Or, the club might be predicting something we don’t know about the status of the NASL.

But, let’s not speculate. Regardless of what Puerto Rico’s decision making was in releasing Gentile; the forward is now on the market. Now is the time for the Cosmos to pursue another forward that can add to an already dangerous attack.

Gentile was easily one of the best players on PRFC this past season. The native of Miami scored 4 goals this season - 1 outside the box and the other 3 within the 18-yard frame.

He had 5 helpers this season. He created 16 chances and had a total of 49 crosses delivered this past season. Gentile created 16 chances this season and had an impressive 65 percent pass accuracy rate in the oppositions’ half.

What’s even more impressive for a forward is to contribute defensively, and Gentile does just that. He won 17 tackles and 108 duels this past season. Add 11 interceptions and 10 clearances to the mix, and you have someone who can help a struggling Cosmos defense.

Giuseppe also helps out in the community. He notes how he plays for the hopes of raising awareness to end childhood cancer.

Gentile helps offensively and defensively, and he seems like a good guy within the community. What more could the Originals want?

The best part is that Gentile is only at the age of 25. We all witnessed how much success Miami had this past season with the amount of young players they had on their squad. They used their speed and skill to blow past opponents in a league that’s dominated by men over the age of 30.

New York may need to work on their defense, but adding to a strength can never be a bad thing. Gentile can add the spark the Cosmos need to contend in the U.S. Open Cup and in the NASL.

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