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Cosmos still control destiny with 4-4 draw in sold-out match with Armada

Was this a Cosmos match or a FUT Champions Weekend League?


What an absolutely crazy game for the New York Cosmos. In a game that felt more like FIFA than real life, New York holds on for a point against the Armada. Hype was high for this matchup, as these two teams are directly competing for the fourth and final spot in the NASL playoffs. As the incumbents of 4th place, New York could have clinched a playoff berth with a win. However, The Armada had other plans.

Jacksonville took an early lead from a Zach Steinberger side-footed shot. New York answered quickly with a David Ochieng (?!?) being found on a suicide run by Emmanuel Ledesma. After equalizing, The Cosmos suffered a one-two sucker punch when Drew Beckie and Kalen Ryden scored from set pieces in the 22nd and 26th minutes respectively. New York went ended the half down by two and knowing their postseason hopes depended on at least a point.

The Cosmos stepped up to the plate in the second half with three unanswered goals. Eugene Strarikov looked Armada keeper Caleb Patterson-Sewell right in the eyes before putting the ball past him, pointing to the name on the back of his jersey and acknowledging the booing crowd. Lucky Mksosana broke past the Armada’s back line, tying the game for New York. As this pretty much was a FIFA match and long shots are really overpowered in FIFA 18, Jimmy Mulligan let one rip and giving New York a temporary lead. Charles Eloundou equalized for the Armada with a thundering volley a few minutes later. If you need more evidence that this was just a FIFA match, the ref blew the whistle while the Cosmos were breaking away, which is the most FIFA thing that could possibly happen to someone. Gio probably broke his controller after the questionable way the match finished.

Although the Cosmos didn’t get the win we were all hoping for, splitting points in a sold-out Hodges Stadium still helps them. Going into the last week of the regular season New York is in a simple position: win against PRFC this Saturday and they’re in the playoffs.