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The Rocco Commisso Conference Call: What you need to know

Highlights from our new owner’s conference call

Yesterday, new Cosmos owner Rocco Commisso had a conference call along with COO Erik Stover, and Head Coach/Sporting Director Gio Savareese with members of the media to discuss the vision and the future of the Cosmos. Before we begin, a special thanks to our colleagues who covered the conference call on twitter including, Empire of Soccer, First Team Podcast, and Luis Hernandez of This is Cosmos Country. Check their streams for more in-depth details of what was discussed.

Here are some of the highlights:

No Home Stadium Yet.

Although initial reports suggested that the Cosmos will play in MCU Park next year, Commisso has said the club is in negotiations with two venues. He also said that it is “very likely” the team will play in the five boroughs.

Returning Players

Three players have been confirmed so far to be returning: Eric Calvillo, David Ochieng, and Ryan Richter. Others may also return but there is no confirmation yet. Commisso is giving Gio full control over the roster and signing players.

No More One World Sports

The New York Cosmos will no longer have a relationship with One World Sports according to Commisso.

Staff And Players Will Be Payed

Finally, Commisso confirmed all players and staff members will “Absolutely” be payed.

Everyone who was on the conference called seemed impressed with Commisso and excited for the future of the club. Hopefully in the coming weeks we can begin to see more positive changes for the Cosmos!