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Meet your new site manager at Twice a Cosmo

Twice a Cosmo has a new site manager. Come and say hello!

To our readers,

My name is Jonathan Liebling and I am the new site manager for Twice a Cosmo. Thank you for your ongoing support during this transition. I just wanted to take a brief moment to introduce myself to you as well as convey our short and long term plans for Twice a Cosmo.

In addition to being a Cosmos supporter, I also follow Tottenham and Olympique Lyonnais.  I am married with a son and reside near the home of the Cosmos on Long Island. Growing up, my parents would travel to Europe every summer so while most American boys were watching baseball, my brothers and I were watching soccer. When school started up again I would talk to friends about traveling and strange foods, but nobody was particularly interested in hearing my tales of football glory. Because I didn't have many friends who shared in my passion, I turned to the internet. I would write pages on why Ledley King is the greatest footballer of all time on Arsenal forums. I would argue for hours on virtual platforms debating the best World Cups of our time (France '98 FYI). It didn't matter anymore that I had no one at school who shared my love of the game. Who cared? I had thousands of people who agreed and disagreed with me at every sentence. With that, my writing was born, and I ended up here with you fine people.

NY Cosmos is a special club. Long before MLS and the NASL, there stood one of the proudest and well known American soccer brands in the world. While popularity has fluctuated over the years, the Cosmos brand still stands for excellence and I plan on continuing that brand here with SB Nation.

I have been in touch with the NY Cosmos marketing manager and he will allow Twice a Cosmo media access as well as player access. Our immediate goal is to bring all of you more club access than any SB Nation team site can hope to do. I plan on doing that in several ways:

  • Live story streaming matches in person, on the field.
  • Bi-weekly player spotlights. I want you, the fans, to tell us what you'd like to know. Submit your questions to the announced player spotlight via comments and we'll put those questions to the player.
  • We are working on ticket and/or product giveaways and trying to partner with the NY Cosmos in a way we haven't seen yet.

SB Nation started as a platform for the fans, written by fans, and we want to continue that tradition. If anyone would like to contribute an article or have ideas on the direction of this site, feel free to say so here or to contact me directly at or contact me on our twitter @twiceacosmo. Jack McGee has been extremely helpful in bringing me up to speed and will continue on as the main site editor.

I look forward to continuing the excellent example left by Steve Schmidt by providing a continuous stream of quality Cosmos content.

Thank you and Go Cosmos!

Jonathan Liebling