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Could Christian Fuchs join the Cosmos?

Premier League Champion Fuchs expresses interest in playing for the Cosmos

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Could Leicester City left back Christian Fuchs possibly be heading to the Cosmos in the future? The former Austrian international flirted with the idea in a recent interview with SBISoccer. He said:

"I’m still a pretty good age to be a soccer player. I’m not one of those old guys coming to the U.S. that comes here just to retire, that’s not how I see it. I want to retire here obviously, but I’m still in pretty good shape, not too old. What I want to do is to stay in New York and play for one of the clubs here. If they would take me, I like the New York Cosmos. They have a great history and my friend, Raul, played there. I think this club has a good future and I would love to play for them.

"The Cosmos back in time were big in the U.S. They had Beckenbauer, Pele. They had Raul. That’s something that feels good to me, so why not there?"

Fuchs has made his interest in living and playing in New York well known, as he recently  told he plans to permanently move to the area when his Leicester contract expires:

"I'm not living here permanently at the moment but two years from now New York will be my home, and I see it as my home already because my family is living here."

While there is no lack of uncertainty and speculation about the future of the Cosmos, it is admittedly fun to imagine signings of his caliber. Maybe he’ll be the marquee signing at a new stadium in two years?