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Cosmos charge through Miami and steal a Lucky win.

The cardiac cosmos are back as NY takes victory in the closing seconds thanks to Lucky Mkosana.

The thrilla in Miami...illa. That'll catch on. Lucky Mkosana adds another two goals to his Fall campaign tally, now at three. While Lucky stole the headlines once again, he wasn't the only story to come out of this game. Let's take a look at some of the highlights of the match...

Kwadwo Poku turns it on and off at will. Poku was a non-factor for most of the match until he was unleashed around the 75th minute. Like a freight train from hell, he charged down the midfield and a beautiful through ball found Poku for the equalizer. But then, he disappeared again. That will be a frustratingly recurrent theme for Miami this year.

Yohandry Orozco was everywhere in Miami. He was hanging out with A-Rod on south beach, at night clubs with Dwayne Wade, but more importantly he had a touch in almost every NY Cosmos advance. Everyone in Miami knew that night he was bound to score given the amount of chances he was putting to Miami's goalkeeper Mario Vega.

Since you brought it up, let's talk about Mario Vega. Wow. This match could have been 5-2 if not for Vega.

David Diosa turned a page last night. He's the reason everyone was celebrating Lucky's opening goal. That assist that burned through Miami's backline was a thing of beauty. He'll be remembering that one for a long time. Diosa was also a beast defensively. He tracked back and snuffed out questions Miami was asking of NY's defense. He also saved Brian Holt a few times who was clearly not having his best game.

Lucky Mkosana was the hero yet again. Yes, the first goal was gifted from Diosa to his right foot but he had the composure to see it through the back of the net. The more memorable goal, however, will be the one that brought victory to the Cosmos this night. Lucky seemed to be left unmarked by Miami's defense on a corner in the closing seconds of the match. Lucky used his big frame to shuttle the ball into the goal.

Who was your man of the match? Let us know below!


Who was your Cosmo of the match against Miami FC?

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    Yohandry Orozco
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    Lucky Mkosana
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