Cosmos barred from playing fixtures against MLS sides at Shuart

Shortly after the Cosmos victory in Fordham, Stover revealed that after last year's East River Derby, Hofstra informed the front office that the Cosmos would not be allowed to host MLS opposition at Shuart stadium. According to Stover, the ban was a result of violence that took place at last year's derby against NYCFC.

Stover cited the incidences as "Nothing unusual that you’ve seen in soccer matches before.", but nonetheless sympathized with the school, saying "For Hofstra, it’s a college campus and when there are crimes committed on campus, it’s bad for the university,".

The news is, of course very disappointing, not least because the Cosmos seem to be wearing out their welcome at Shuart. And while Shuart has glaring flaws, until the Cosmos can secure a new venue, the most viable fallback option as things stand would be Belson stadium in St John's, which seats between 2,600 and 5,000. Unfortunately, this may mean that, if the Cosmos cannot sort out a new venue, they may be forced to forfeit hosting rights should they move on to the later rounds.

In the meantime, the June 29th round of 16 match against the Revolution will be hosted by the Cosmos at Belson stadium.

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