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An announcement from your friends at Twice a Cosmo

A goodbye, and two requests.

Hello. After about a month of dead air, we have some explaining to do.

Our long-time editor Steve Schmidt, who brought this website into existence and almost single-handedly kept it alive throughout its history, has stepped down as the head of Twice a Cosmo. Obviously, we now have some housekeeping to do. Before we get into anything, however, we would be remise if we did not thank Steve for all his hard work and dedication to Twice a Cosmo over the past few years. His motivation is what brought the site into existence, and if it was not for his writing expertise and brilliant voice, Twice a Cosmo never could have operated in the first place.

However, Steve’s absence leaves a visible hole in the content production for the site. As you can probably tell from our submission history, Steve was the head writer for the site, and losing him means that we have no other writers who can effectively keep up the content creation rate that he was able to manage for so long.

So, in this time of transition, we ask you, dear reader, for two things. Firstly, we need your support. We’ll do everything we can to keep a regular stream of content going for you, just as we always have. Keep reading, and we’ll keep writing.

The second thing we need is your talent. As the interim manager, I’ll do everything I can to submit articles with regularity and keep the site going, but as a high school student, it is unfortunately impossible for me to replicate Steve’s level of production. So, while we try and get a replacement manager, we could really use your voice. Even if it’s just one article, or if you’re interested in becoming a regular contributor, please, contact us at either my Twitter, @JackPMcGee, or Jeremiah's email You can also apply at this link to be our manager.

Once we have a new manager that is not a high school junior, we will introduce him or her to the readers in another article on the site like this one. Until then, keep an eye out for new articles, and GO COSMOS!