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New York Cosmos midfielder Juan Arango named NASL Player of the Week

New York Cosmos

In one of the least surprising developments in recent memory, New York Cosmos midfielder Juan Arango has been named NASL Player of the Week for week one of the Spring Season. Arango scored a first half brace against Ottawa Fury FC on Sunday, and could have had two more except for some excellent interventions by Romuald Peiser.

Arango, who still needs a translator during interviews, had the following to say about being honored by the league:

"It’s an honor to be recognized by the league. Putting aside my two goals, I think the team played quite well. In the first half, it was about scoring goals, which I was fortunate to do with help from my teammates. In the second half, it was about maintaining the result, and we were up to the challenge."

Meanwhile, head coach Gio Savarese had the following to say about his countryman:

"Juan had a very good game, and he was smart in finding spaces and being able to get those balls in the right area in order to score. He had two other chances on top of the goals, and they happened because he was very smart in the way he moved. It was very important for us to find those two goals in key moments to be able to control the match. He was huge for us."

Arango did an excellent job of filling the spaces created by the movement of Jairo Arrieta against Ottawa, and looks to be a perfect fit behind players like Arrieta and Yasmani Duk. If defenses don't watch him closely going forward, this could be the first of many time I'm writing this article in 2016.