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Kranjcar, Orozco, Ockford, and Lahoud are all victims of the latest Cosmos prank

Every year, the New York Cosmos film a prank involving players and coaches, and 2016 was no different. Two day ahead of the kickoff of the 2016 Spring Season, the club treated us to some general shenanigans involving four winter acquisitions, Niko Kranjcar, Jimmy Ockford, Yohandry Orozco, and Michael Lahoud.

The four were all asked to dress up for ridiculous promotions, with Hunter Freeman in charge of passing out the wardrobe. It's definitely good for a few laughs, especially watching Niko Kranjcar dressed up as Woody.

Last season, the club gave us a table tennis prank involving Alecko Eskandarian, while two years ago, we were treated to some competitive eating hilariousness. Both of those offerings can be found below.

One can only hope that future offerings will be as entertaining as the three so far have been. This sort of stuff is far, far better than borrowing another team's 'fake shirt' release, like certain MLS sides spent Friday morning doing.