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Rumor: Georgios Samaras to join Rayo OKC

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Greek forward Georgios Samaras spent much of last season training with the New York Cosmos, and most (including myself) assumed that the ex-Celtic man's continued presence in New York after the 2015 season concluded was a sure sign that his signing was only a matter of time. As it turned out, the boys in green and white moved in a different direction this winter, using every one of their free international roster spots to fill other needs, and targeting Jairo Arrieta and Yasmani Duk up front instead.

On Monday, reports began to emerge suggesting that Samaras was still going to land in the NASL, specifically with new side Rayo OKC:

Should a Samaras signing come to pass, it would be yet another fairly recognizable signing for a league rival, and Samaras would be joining what looks to be a very competitive unit kicking off in Oklahoma City. The 2016 season is looking like it will be an awful lot of fun...