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NASL still in talks with CBS, others over television deal

New York Cosmos

With the season fast approaching, many NASL fans are still unsure where to find the league on television this year. Rumors of an agreement on the horizon with CBS Sports Network have been around for about two weeks now, but we've yet to hear any sort of buzz from the league, and questions remain about whether or not we'll see matches on ONE World Sports and ESPN3 again this season.

Bob Williams, who first Tweeted that we might be seeing a deal with CBS, had an update for us on Wednesday morning. He indicated that the league is still working on a deal with CBS, and that there is another broadcaster in talks with the league at the moment.

*Make sure you're following Bob if you're on Twitter, he's a great source of news on the American game

Earlier this week, RailHawks owner Steven Malik made some comments indicating that matches will be shown on ESPN3 again this season. Malik indicated that the league has had talks with other broadcasters about this season, but couldn't comment on when we'd hear some news.

The deal with ESPN3 has worked out nicely for the league, though it would obviously be beneficial to see a more lucrative television deal at some point in the near future. Hopefully, that deal comes sooner, rather than later.