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Under Armour reveals New York Cosmos 2016 kits

New York Cosmos

While the North American Soccer League season is still several weeks away from kicking off, on Wednesday, we got our first full look at the uniforms that the New York Cosmos will be wearing. The offering is the first for a US professional side from Under Armour, and in my opinion, it's a big improvement over what the club had with Nike since rebooting in 2013.

The designs are similar to the Nike offerings in that there are both a kelly green and a white uniform, though there are obvious differences to both. The white offering is very basic, but Under Armour has added three stripes to the sleeves, which really make the shirt stand out in my opinion.

I'm more excited for the green offering myself, however, as the new manufacturer has opted to go with a white sleeve, with two green stripes. I love it, and think it will look much better on game day than last season's offerings.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Maurer showed off the new goalkeeper shirt, which I like quite a bit more than Nike's design. I think most of us had hoped the keeper offering would be available in the club store, but at the moment, your shopping choices are limited to just the green and white shirts. Hopefully, that changes soon.

At the moment, there is no third shirt design from Under Armour, and no indication whether or not we'll see one this season.