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Further New York Cosmos additions will be limited to domestic players, club won't be signing Niko Kranjcar

New York Cosmos

The New York Cosmos almost certainly have more roster moves to make ahead of the 2016 NASL season opener, but in all likelihood, the club is done making major moves at this point. The reason? Second division sides in the United States are limited to just seven non-domestic players, and with the signings of Yasmani Duk and David Ochieng last week, the Cosmos now have all seven international roster spots filled.

As of Tuesday, the Cosmos first team roster is as follows, with all non-domestic players listed in italics:


Jimmy Maurer, Kyle Zobeck, Brian Holt


Hunter Freeman, Roversio, Ayoze, Carlos Mendes, Alexis Velela, David Ochieng


Danny Szetela, Michael Lahoud, Adam Moffat, Ruben Bover, Jimmy Mulligan, Andres Flores, Juan Arango, Yohandry Orozco, Sebastian Guenzatti, Eric Calvillo


Yasmani Duk, Jairo Arrieta, Lucky Mkosana, David Diosa

While the signing of Duk was widely expected, the Ochieng move was a bit of a surprise, as most probably assumed that the club's final international spot was going to be used on another attacking midfielder. Ochieng, however, could be a long-term replacement option for captain Carlos Mendes (who has to be nearing retirement at this point), and provides valuable cover for the injury prone Roversio, whose absence in each of the last few seasons has been a key factor in the club's mid-season struggles. With any luck, this move will work out better than last season's Samuel Caceres loan, as the defender never proved to be the sort of asset that most of us had hoped when he signed.

Unfortunately, this means that former Tottenham Hotspur player Niko Kranjcar won't be signing with the NASL champions, at least not until one of the seven international players decides to leave the club. We'll likely still see the club add a fourth goalkeeper, a defender or two, and another versatile forward, but given that they'll have to do so from the domestic pool of players, it's unlikely to be an impact signing, unless Gio Savarese finds a gem to take on loan from a MLS side, like Leo Fernandes proved to be in 2015.