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Rumor: The NASL could be broadcast on a CBS network

New York Cosmos

One thing that has limited the commercial growth of the North American Soccer League is the lack of a television deal to bring more eyeballs to the competition. If Bob Williams of The Telegraph* has an accurate source, however, this could be about to change for the 2016 season:

*Williams' account is a must-follow for any NASL fans

The league has done a nice job of partnering with ESPN over the past few seasons to get matches streamed via WatchESPN. That said, non-local matches could only be found televised on ONE World Sports, a network that very few fans had access to, and even then, only mid-week matches were generally available.

It will be interesting to hear what the specifics of this arrangement are, but it's hard to imagine that this won't at least be another step in the right direction from the league, who could now be televised in quite a few homes, something that was never the case before. I'm looking forward to hearing more, the sooner, the better.