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Things get more and more depressing for Cosmos fans

Cosmos crash back down to earth as majority of staff sacked, Belmont scrapped MLS chances shattered

MLS: State of the League Address Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The end of the Cosmos has been slow and bitter. Although the club has yet to make an official announcement, players have been released, and now it seems most of the staff has as well. In a report from Empire of Soccer, the majority of staff have been released as well.

If you haven’t already, please consider giving to the GoFundme for Cosmos staff here

The chances of the Cosmos survival seem to be getting slimmer and slimmer. As of right now, the club has no team, league, stadium, or employees. Even if they were to find a new owner, they would essentially be back at square one: on the outside looking in of division one soccer and without a permanent stadium.

In case you were wondering, New York state scrapped the Belmont stadium project, although it seemed unlikely at this point anyway.

Playing in the USL seems to be the only option the Cosmos have at playing in 2017, as Don Garber stated in his state of the league address, that the MLS isn’t looking for a third New York team. Hopefully the club will release a statement soon, there silence has been especially difficult for supporters looking for some silver lining to this awful situation.