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A Message to Cosmos Country

MLS: U.S. Open Cup-New York City FC at New York Cosmos Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time in a lifetime, it is safe to say that the New York Cosmos, the team that we have loved and cherished, is destined to fold. Much is being made of this on social media and in the press. However, I must take this chance to remind Cosmos Country that the club, despite these reports, despite all this fervor, despite all this sadness, cannot and will never die.

That is because there is more to this team than contracts, ownership deals, and sponsors. This club, this community, does not live or die by a piece of paper. The New York Cosmos, like any true grassroots soccer club, lives off of the undying passion of its supporters. What sets our Cosmos apart from any other New York team, and most American teams, is the fact that we have a community that we made ourselves. “Cosmos Football Group” did not wave a wand and artificially create our team; on the contrary, the New York Cosmos were birthed from the dedication of the New York soccer community. This community, dedication, and passion are what makes this club so inimitable. No amount of debt can kill that.

So as our team faces the greatest crisis of its history, I ask all Cosmos supporters to remember that no matter what the press says, the club that we have all put our hearts and souls into cannot be folded. The Cosmos only die when our love for the team does. As long as we keep the Cosmos tradition alive, the team will live on too, as it has since 1971.

Keep singing, keep dancing, keep watching, keep reading, keep doing whatever you do to show your support for YOUR club.