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This is Cosmos Country starts GoFundMe for Cosmos Front Office Staff

Our pals at TICC are trying to help those hurting the most from the Cosmos’ collapse

Soccer: Miami FC at New York Cosmos Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

Although the club has yet to give a final confirmation, it looks like things may be over for the Cosmos. The Always reliable Empire of Soccer released a story stating all Cosmos players have had their contracts terminated. In addition, staff are still waiting for pay with some going for as long as three billing cycles without being payed.

Our friends at This Is Cosmos Country have made a GoFundMe with the goal of helping the Cosmos staff. If you are able to, please give. These good people have helped to make the last few years awesome for Cosmos fans and they do not deserve what they are going through. Anything you could give could really help people out this holiday season. Check out the GoFundMe here.