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More Money More Problems?

Cosmos chairman denies that club has debt despite reports of overdue rent.

New York Cosmos Return To Playing Field After Nearly 30-Year Absence Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for New York Cosmos

The Cosmos offseason seems to be getting stranger and stranger. However, it seems like the weeks of radio silence may be coming to an end soon (Please?). A report from the Guardian surfaced today featuring comments from Cosmos chairman Seamus O’Brien. According to O’Brien the club seems adamant that they will not be joining the USL despite the NASL looking all but dead and the MLS looking incredibly distant. He also said despite the club’s apparent financial issues, the team is not in debt:

Check out the whole article here, it’s some interesting stuff. Hopefully this will be the beginning of more transparency with the fans.

Despite what O’Brien has said, a report from Big Apple Soccer has found that Cosmos are being sued for $50k for failing to pay rent on their offices. This whole situation seems to be getting more and more confusing. We’ll likely hear more about this later in the week about this as the case develops.