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NASL and USL officials meet, Carlos Slim ownership rumored as Cosmos future hangs in the balance

What’s going on with the Cosmos?

Bill Clinton Hosts Future Of The Americas Summit In Miami Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The Cosmos current situation is honestly, really really confusing. As originally reported by Big Apple Soccer, The direction the team will decide to take seems to hinge on the NASL and USL meetings going on today. It looks likely that the NASL will fold, but the Cosmos don’t want to join the USL and be trapped in a second direction league. The President of the US Soccer, Sunil Gulati confirmed on Twitter that he was at the meeting and “Progress continues with more to come”

The other big story on the rumor mill is that the Cosmos may have a new owner. Empire of Soccer reports that billionaire Carlos Slim may be interested in buying the Cosmos. Slim currently has partial ownership of Mexican clubs Leon and Pachuca. Slim is also the majority shareholder in Spanish second division club Real Oviedo, who famously sold shares in the club to fans before Slim’s investment. Who knows for sure if these rumors will lead to anything, but the idea of new and hopefully more transparent ownership should be exciting for Cosmos fans.

At this point all we can really do is hope for the best. Although the club does not want to join the USL, it may be their only way of playing next year. Otherwise, the team in essentially in the same position they found themselves in when the reboot began: without a league or stadium. How do you all think this will all play out? Give us your take on this whole fiasco in the comments below.