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Is this the end of the Cosmos?

Club’s future is in question after late pay to players and staff

Soccer: NASL Final-Indy Eleven at New York Cosmos Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

Cosmos fans have been through a lot the last couple of weeks. Despite winning the NASL Championship, there has hardly been reason to celebrate: the team’s home stadium, league, and manager situation have been in doubt. Now it looks like the Cosmos may even cease to exist.

Earlier today Empire of Soccer reported that after Thanksgiving a large portion of the Cosmos’ front office staff has been placed on furlough. In addition, the Cosmos have been late to pay not only club employees, but players for the last few weeks, right after they won the Championship. I highly recommend you check out the full story here

To put it lightly, things are not looking good for the Cosmos. At a minimum we can expect multiple player releases, if the team even plays next season. It’s very well possible the team can fold. And if the Cosmos were to fold, it’s very likely the NASL will go down with it. If the NASL folds, it’s likely many of the remaining NASL teams would either move to the USL or fold as well.

Things aren’t looking good for the Cosmos, but for the moment Twice A Cosmo isn’t going anywhere. We’ll be here providing updates on the team’s situation, and hopefully better news once it comes out. All we can really do now is hope for the best.