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Should The Cosmos move to Wein Stadium?

City Planner and Cosmos fan Isaac Payano submits proposal for New Cosmos stadium

Isaac Payano (@ReimagineNYC)

Over the last few months, we’ve been hearing all about potential new homes for the Cosmos. As Belmont has been going nowhere fast for the last few months, the club and its fans have been forced to think ahead. It is also clear that the Cosmos will most likely not return to Shuart Stadium after this season, so at the moment we have no clue where the team will play its home games next season.

Cosmos fan and city planner Isaac Payano may have the solution. Just in time for Thanksgiving, he made an in-depth proposal on why Columbia University’s Wein Stadium could be the new home for the Cosmos. In his presentation, Payano first discusses why the location would be ideal for the Cosmos. With plenty of access to public transportation and potential for parking development, Wien could be the solution to the Cosmos’ attendance problems. He also discusses how Wein’s close proximity to the New York City FC could also be beneficial to both clubs. Interestingly, Payano also proposes Citi Field and MetLife Stadium as the venue for bigger matches and international friendlies. I highly recommend checking out the proposal in its entirety, which can be found here

I’m not city planner, but to me this plan seems like it could work. Placing the Cosmos in the heart of the city would really help attract buzz for the team. Payano’s plan not only gives solutions for the team’s current problems, but also has room for long term dreams. According to him, he also has a 300 plus page proposal written for the club discussing all of the possible New York venues. No matter what you think of his work, you have to commend the effort Payano has put into this proposal. What do you think Cosmos country? Would you go watch the team in Wein?