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Watch every one of Cosmos' target Juan Arango's Bundesliga goals

We've heard for several weeks that the New York Cosmos have been pursuing Venezuelan legend Juan Arango, to help fill out the squad after the retirement of Raul and Marcos Senna. On Saturday, Empire of Soccer is reporting that the club is close to finalizing the deal, and that we could have an official announcement in the next week.

Arango isn't a like for like replacement for either Senna or Raul, though he'd be the obvious first choice to replace Senna from any dead ball situation. Realistically, at 35-years old, Arango would either fill the traditional #10 role often used by Gio Savarese, or in more of an attack-minded midfielder in a three, like we often saw with Frank Lampard during his time at Chelsea.

Martinez also confirms what we've been hearing about Yasmani Duk, that a deal for the Bolivian is very, very close to being announced by the Cosmos. That pair of additions won't finish the club's work, as they still need defensive depth, and help on the wings, but it will certainly make New York fans feel a little more comfortable as the start of the 2016 season approaches.