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Miami FC targeting former Brazilian international, according to reports

Roberto Serra/Getty Images

Two new expansion clubs will be joining the North American Soccer League for the 2016 season, and both Rayo OKC and Miami FC have been making some impressive additions ahead of their inaugural campaigns. On Saturday, Gianluca DiMarzio gave us a report linking the latter* to a retired Brazilian international, Adriano Ribeiro.

*Worth noting, DiMarzio seemingly does not know what league Miami FC are joining

For Miami, Adriano would be a big addition to the club, as he's got loads of experience at a very high level. The striker has made four separate stops in Serie A (Inter, Fiorentina, Parma, and Roma), as well as representing several of the top clubs in Brazil at varying points in his career. He's also made 48 appearances for the Brazilian national team, scoring 27 goals in the process.

DiMarzio reports that Miami is pushing for a decision soon, and that they're expected to know what the striker decides sometime in the next 48 hours. If they're able to add the 33-year old, it would certainly make an exciting offseason that much more impressive.