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Another New York Cosmos departure leaves the defense in need of help

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The subtractions have outnumbered the additions thus far for the New York Cosmos this winter, and on Wednesday, that trend continued. Head Coach Gio Savarese confirmed that defender Hunter Gorskie is likely heading to Europe instead of returning for a fourth season with the New York Cosmos, probably opting to try his luck in Poland, instead.

For the Cosmos, this departure doesn't create a hole in the regular starting lineup, as all of Hunter Freeman, Roversio, Carlos Mendes, and Ayoze will be returning for a fourth season together. With both Samuel Caceres and Gorskie set to be elsewhere next season, however, the club will be without both of its primary backups in 2015, with Gorskie being the first replacement option at both center back and right back, and Roversio's long-term fitness still a very large question mark.

Fortunately, new signing Michael Lahoud should be able to play center back in a pinch, though he's best suited to a role in the central midfield. The club should still be targeting two or three backup defenders, with reinforcement needed at both fullback and in the center before the season kicks off.

It will be an interesting few months leading up to the 2016 season, as the club has plenty of international roster spots to use, and glaring holes in both defense and attack.