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Replay: Cosmos B win NPSL title by beating Chattanooga FC

For Cosmos B, the 2015 season can be described as nothing short of successful. The NPSL version of the boys in green debuted in the same way that the NASL Cosmos did in 2013, by winning their league title.

Cosmos B needed extra time to defeat Chattanooga FC, but in the end, pulled out a 302 victory in extra time. Head coach Alecko Eskandarian was thrilled with the result, and was impressed by the atmosphere Saturday night in Tennessee:

"It was a really tough game. Their crowd gave them so much energy and we showed a lot of resilience. It wasn't pretty at times but our guys never stopped believing and they deserved the title."

"The crowd was incredible. They made it feel like we were playing 19,000 players. They brought their team back to life when they were down. That's why we agreed to play the final here. I wanted our players to be tested and find out who could rise above."

Congratulations to Cosmos B on winning the NPSL title for 2015, which will hopefully be the first of many.