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New York Cosmos leave it late, beat Carolina again

Over the past two years, the New York Cosmos have made a habit out of winning and drawing matches in dramatic fashion. On Sunday, they continued that trend, coming from behind to win at home with less than ten minutes remaining to be played. That result could prove to be a massive one just two months from now.

Combined with Ottawa's draw against the Tampa Bay Rowdies on Saturday, the victory pulls the Cosmos to within just two points of the top of the fall table:

The three points also keep the boys in green comfortably ahead in the combined table, which will ultimately decide where the NASL title game is played:

Up next for the Cosmos is a trip to Florida, to face the Rowdies on Saturday, while Ottawa heads to Texas to face the San Antonio Scorpions. Hopefully, the boys can continue to put pressure on the Fury by winning in St. Pete, and with any luck, can be topping both tables by the end of the weekend.