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Savarese: Gaston Cellerino is going to bring something very positive to us

New York Cosmos

It is unclear when Gaston Cellerino will make his New York Cosmos debut, but the club is "excited" to have him aboard as they press deeper into the NASL fall season.

The Cosmos announced earlier this week that they had signed the Argentine Striker to a contract to help bolster the team's offense. Cellerino had 17 goals in 57 appearances for. the Santiago Wanderers of the Chilean Primera Division.

"I think he’s going to bring something very positive to us," Cosmos' head coach Giovanni Savarese said, via team issued comments. "We’re going to see now when he gets here how much we have to work with him, but he’s a proven goal scorer and I think it’s a good thing for us to bring him, especially at a moment when we have to make that decision in letting Mads go. Now for us having a new player on top, helping Lucky, with Haji, Raul, I think it’s going to be very good for us."

Cellerino wasn't on the Cosmos radar for very long before the club decided to bring him aboard. It was only three days after a report by Big Apple Soccer indicated talks were getting serious between the striker and the Cosmos.

"I was looking to some players early for longer term time and then closer to the window closing he was proposed to me," Savarese explained. "We looked into it, we liked what we saw and we felt at that particular moment he had to be the right option for us and we made the decision. He was very excited about accepting and coming to us."

The Cosmos had been linked to American striker Herculez Gomez, but he opted to Join Major League Soccer after a late push by Toronto FC. Gomez turned down a much larger contract offer from the NASL's flagship club to go to Toronto, he told Empire of Soccer in an interview released the same day as the Cellerino signing.

"It was just a better package for me with the way things were to come back to MLS," Gomez told EoS. "I’m not talking financially, because I think to be quite honest, the Cosmos would have won that."

As for Cellerino, his arrival date to New York is still up in the air. He still has to go through the process of securing a Visa and having his International Transfer Clearance completed.