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Is Major League Soccer targeting Indianapolis expansion?

New York Cosmos

On Monday morning, Philadelphia Union CEO Nick Sakiewicz may have implied that Indianapolis is about to be awarded a MLS franchise. Sakiewicz had some comments for The Morning Call, in which he specifically mentioned Indianapolis when discussing the timetable for MLS reaching 24 teams:

"These are still the early days. This league is growing like a rocket ship. The MLS is on fire right now with 20 teams. When we came into the league six years ago, there were just 16. More are coming ... Atlanta, Indianapolis ... by the end of the decade, we'll be up to 24 teams."

This could have simply been a slip of the tongue, with Sakiewicz intending to mention a city such as Minneapolis...after all, they sort of sound the same. It's also quite possible that MLS has simply decided to cherry pick the more successful clubs in the NASL, and judging by ticket sales and social media following, Indy is about as successful as they get.

One major sticking point toward Indy expansion would be the stadium situation, as the Eleven recently saw their proposal to build their own facility shot down in the Indiana state legislature. The state seems to want to see the club remain at Carroll Stadium, and would like to see that facility improved as opposed to building something new. That's not likely to fly with Don Garber, even if he's been less pushy with the expansion franchise in New York.

Also of note here, Indy president Peter Witt has worked closely with MLS before, during his time with the Chicago Fire. This situation will certainly be worth watching...