NASL On Pace For Record Attendance

With the onset of the Fall 2015 Season this is a good time to inform people about some good news for the NASL. This year has already had fair share of positive developments for the league from the ESPN3 deal, the inspiring debut of the Jacksonville Armada, and the news of franchises in Miami and Puerto Rico.

But the good news that has not gotten much publicity yet is the league wide attendance numbers. The NASL is on pace to break the one million mark in attendance this year, based on projections from the Spring 2015 Season. Not only is this a good hallmark to measure the league's growth, it would also be a record for division 2 soccer in the United States. Increased attendance is a one straight forward way to look at a league's organizational development. Attendance growth is a goal of any league, but it is imperative to the continued growth and stability of a young league.

Although this is just one important factor to reflect on when considering the virtues of a league, some of the things increased attendance signal are interest in the local community, it also seems to result in additional income for the clubs, and it appears to show the increased spending of clubs in infrastructure - in one club this is to be commended, but when this happens leaguewide it is a hopeful sign of maturation for a young league.

Time will tell, but if they continue on their trajectory and break the division 2 attendance record, it would be huge news in the world of division 2 American soccer.

So go to a game have some fun this Fall season!

Love to hear everyone's thoughts on the developing attendance increase this year. Thanks in advance for any comments!

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